Management Team

Organization Management

Management Team

אורלי סילבינגר

Ms. Orly Silbinger


CEO of ‘BETEREM’, and a member of the organization’s founding team since 1996

Orly is an expert in social marketing and management in civil society. Serves on the Intergovernmental Committee on Cooperation between Government and Civil Society, and is part of the Civic Leadership Advisory Team

Partner for the establishment of infrastructure in civil society. Previously, she served as a board member of the international organization Safe Kids Worldwide and a board member of the National Accident Prevention Council

ישראל אונגר

Mr. Israel Ungar


The organization’s CFO.
Former Head of Finance at Vita Food Quality Ltd.

Israel has extensive knowledge managing financial systems and longstanding experience running and supervising programs and projects in business entities and non-profits.


שרון הבר

Ms. Sharon Haber


Director of Marketing and Business Development Division at ‘BETEREM’

Former, Director of Business Marketing Division and Private Marketing Division at ‘HOT’

Sharon has extensive experience in marketing and economics in business companies in the fields of communications, food and retail