Activity & Programs

Beterem works in close collaboration with government offices, local municipalities and other public authorities combining a multifaceted approach towards preventing injuries and promoting children's' safety.

We promote child safety in 3 main national trajectories:

1.    National Child Safety Action Plan:

Israel is joining 26 countries in a global effort of the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the European Union led by the European Child Safety Alliance to promote a National Child Safety Action Plan. This plan is interdisciplinary, incorporates all relevant government agencies and serves as a "road map" for government action to promote child safety.


2.    Beterem in the City:

This program aims to promote child safety through collaboration with local authorities across Israel. The program was developed based on the perception that municipalities determine the framework and methods that may support child safety promotion locally. In addition, based on international experience, success in injury prevention is best achieved via municipality intervention. In this program the city, in collaboration with Beterem – Safe Kids Israel leads a process of continuous improvement to manage and promote child safety within the local cities.


3.   NAPIS (National Pediatric Injury & Surveillance System): This program serves as a work tool to promote child safety in Israel by collecting and consolidating information on child injuries from medical facilities all over Israel. NAPIS incorporates child injury data from various sources, making it readily available for child safety action plans.


 In addition, Beterem operates several programs on local and national scales.