Child Safe Home Standard - July 2011

Child Safe Home Standard

In July 2011 a Covenant towards building safer homes for children was launched by MP Zvulun Orlev with the participation of Beterem - Safe Kids Israel, the Association of Contractors and Builders in Israel (ACBI) and the National Council for Promotion of Leisure and Home Safety of the Ministry of Health (NCPLHS). The Covenant was signed by MP Zvulun Orlev, Chairman of the Children's Rights Committee of the Government of Israel; Dr. Yitzhak Berlovitz, Chairman of NCPLHS; Mr. Motti Kidor, CEO of ACBI and Ms. Orly Silbinger, CEO of Beterem – Safe Kids Israel.

The aim of the covenant is to educate contractors, builders and home buyers about the new standard for building child safe homes.  Contractors and builders constructing new apartments and houses according to the new standard will be able to advertize to current buyers that the properties are build in accordance with the recommendations of ACBI and Beterem - Safe Kids Israel.

The program, on which the Covenant is based, was designed by Beterem - Safe Kids Israel together with the ACBI and determines internationally established requirements for building safe homes for children. In developed countries, strict building-laws lessen child mortality rates. While lower living conditions in undeveloped countries, result in poor living standards which are the leading cause of high rates of accidental injuries amongst children.

Data collected by Beterem - Safe Kids Israel shows that home and leisure accidents, such as drowning, suffocation, burns, falls and poisoning constitute up to 80% of such injuries.

Prior to launching of the Covenant the Central Committee for Building Standards in the Standards Institute of Israel had already unanimously approved the establishment of this new Standard for building child safe homes which reinforces new housing construction legislation designed to prevent lethal accidents such as falling from windows and porches, severe burns and more.

The new Standard determines unified criteria and standards that define what a safe home is for children. This concentration of regulations, legislation and recommendations on one document is a powerful tool to familiarize contractors and builders - and even more so - people purchasing new homes, with safe home regulations and recommendations.