Midot Seal - December 2011

In December 2011 Beterem - Safe Kids Israel received the Midot Seal of outstanding effectiveness. Midot is a nonprofit organization in Israel that grades the effectiveness of other nonprofit organizations in the fields in which they operate. 


It was to our great satisfaction, that Beterem - Safe Kids Israel, received the Midot Seal with an overall grade of Commendable. For Beterem and its committed volunteers, this Seal encourages us, confirms our confidence in the correctness of our work methods and strengthens our faith that they will lead us towards fulfilling our goals and saving children's lives in Israel.


This public recognition was very exciting for us. The Midot Seal of Outstanding Effectiveness is very significant and grades organizations based on high standards. Beterem was found worthy of the highest grade in every parameter: planning, performance, learning and measuring, leadership and finance. Receipt of this Seal obligates us not to rest on our laurels but to constantly set ourselves new goals and challenges - and achieve them successfully.


We, at Beterem - Safe Kids Israel, personally believe that our accomplishments are the outcome of long lasting, productive partnerships and shared efforts, and so is this Seal.


 Midot Seal of outstanding effectiveness