Board Management​



ענת לוין

Ms. Anat Levin

Chairman of the Board

Holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in multidisciplinary design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

CEO of the Shilav Babies And Kids Ltd for 15 years, before that senior management positions in the Golf Group and the CEO of Delta Israel

Member of the advisory board ‘DaromaTzafona’ for business (pbc), Member of the Board of Trustees of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

עדי אברהם

Dr. Adi Avraham

Board Member

An engineer specializing in safety and radiation protection, works at the Nuclear Research Center – Negev
Member of the Omer Local Council in the years 2004-2018
Adi and his wife Elizabeth were the initiators of the establishment of the organization’s branch at Soroka Hospital

פרופ' בשארה בשאראת

Prof. Bshara Bsharat

Board Member

Mentor and expert in family medicine, chairman of the Society for the Advancement of the Health of the Arab Population in the Medical Association, member of the Advisory Committee to the Director General of the Ministry of Health in dealing with the Covid-19, Chairman of the Advisory Committee / Health Promotion Forum in the Galilee
Formerly, Director of the Scottish Hospital in Nazareth, Medical Director of the Northern District of Clalit Health Fund, Secretary General of the Association of Family Physicians in Israel

הרב חנניה צ'ולק

Rabbi Chananya Chullk

Board Member

Chairman and founder of Ezer Mitzion, the largest association in Israel in the field of medical support for the sick, disabled and elderly. The association provides a wide range of services to patients and their families, including the national database for bone marrow donors
In 1958, Rabbi Hanania Chulk won the Israel Prize for a special contribution to society and the state of Israel

יהודה דנון

Prof. Yehuda Danon

Board Member

President of Ariel University, Chairman of the National Committee for Clinical Trials
Co-founder of ‘BETEREM’ -Sade Kids Israel
Formerly, Initiated the establishment of the Schneider Children’s Medical Center and was its first CEO, and CEO of Beilinson Medical Center, was Chief Medical Officer in the IDF
Prof. Danon is a member of the Covid-19 Vaccine Development Committe

אורנה דריזין

Dr. Orna Dreazen

Board Member

CEO and Chairman of the Nextar Chempharma Solutions Ltd.
Formerly, served as Director of the National Laboratory for Public Health of the Ministry of Health and as Director of the National Laboratory Certification Authority and Director of the National Public Health Laboratory
From her public positions, member of the board of directors of the Health and Environment Foundation
Orna is a doctor of biochemistry, a graduate of LHB for business administration, an expert in quality and metrology.

טובה הילמן

Ms. Tova Hilman

Board Member

CPA – Partner at Leon Orlitzky & Co. since 2017
Formerly, partner at Hillman & Co. until 2016
From her public positions, chair of the liaison committee with the Corporations Authority and the forum for dealing with problems of public institutions and non-profit organizations in the Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a member of the Lahav Council
Tova specializes in everything related to non-profit institutions and organizations, lectures in various forums on this topic and on other taxation issues

איציק ליכטנפלד

Dr. Itzik Lichtenfeld

Board Member

Founder-CEO of “Eilat-Strategic Consulting and Risk Management” and DATA2LIFE – patient and drug safety
Director General of the Association of Painters in the Mouth or Foot of Israel Ltd.
Formerly Founding CEO of FIRST LIFE RESEARH-Health information Wisdom of the crowd
Senior consultant in the field of risk management (Maccabi Health Services, Mekorot, Madness)
Expert in aviation risk management and medicine

עופר נאמן

Mr. Ofer Ne'eman

Board Member

Former Owner and CEO of Evergreen Investments Ltd.

Former chairman of the board of Transparency International – Israel

‘BETEREM’ -Sade Kids Israel, Chairman of the boats 2008 – 2018

מר זבולון אורלב

Mr. Zevulun Orlev

Board Member

A social and educational activist, volunteering in third sector organizations (NGO), director of teacher training funds, chairman of The Academic Center of Law and Science in Hod Hasharon
Former Minister of Welfare, MP (Chairman of the Education and Culture, Science and Technology Committees, State Audit), Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture
Zevulun awarded the IDF Medal of Courage and Resourcefulness as Acting Commander of the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur War

שי רהב

Mr. Shai Rahav

Board Member

CEO Signifer Ltd.
Expert in projects management and dynamic complex systems
Volunteer and board member at Betrem since 2001

משה רוח

Prof. Moshe Revah

Board Member

Chairman of the Board of Directors (Management) of Maccabi Healthcare since 2010
Formerly IDF Chief Medical Officer 1983-1987, Director of Rambam Medical Center 1987-2005
From his public duties, Chairman of the Committee for Preparation of the Israeli Medical System for the Treatment of Trauma Victims
Moshe was born in Bulgaria, married to Dina, a father of 3 daughters and a grandfather of 9 grandchildren

Mr. Zohar Shlomo

Board Member

Business management and development consultant and director at several companies
Formerly, CEO of Shufersal Real Estate and Deputy CEO of Shufersal
Extensive experience in finance, trade and retail, real estate and industry

יעקב יהב

Prof. Jacob Yahav

Board Member

Retiree, Member of the Board of Directors of Clalit, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tsad Kadima (A Step Forward) NGO
Formerly, Director of Beilinson Hospital 1997-2007, Kaplan and Herzfeld 2007-2016
From his public duties, consultant and responsible for the field of disabled child in the National Insurance Institute of Israel, and a member of the appeal committees of IDF disabled and Nazi victims in the Magistrate’s Court
Jacob is a pediatrician specializing in pediatric gastro, adult gastro and medical director

איציק אורן

Mr. Oren Yitzhak

Board Member

Founder of Shilav Babies and Kids Ltd, Chairman until 2014

Retired, engaged in agriculture of berries

ישראל אונגר

Mr. Israel Ungar

Board Member​

The organization’s CFO.
Former Head of Finance at Vita Food Quality Ltd.

Israel has extensive knowledge managing financial systems and longstanding experience running and supervising programs and projects in business entities and non-profits.