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‘BETEREM’ – Safe Kids Israel strives for effectiveness in its efforts to achieve its vision for a safe world for children. The organization implements international models, while adapting them to the unique needs and culture of life in Israel. We combine five prevention strategies that are widely accepted as effective in promoting child safety. Combining as many strategies as possible in each field of action, increases overall effectiveness. These Strategies are: Research and Data analysis, Training and counseling, Promoting public policy, Development and implementation of community outreach programs including training leading professionals in the field, Raising Awareness and Promotion of product and environment changes. We are continuously developing new programs and operation models including the adaptation of training materials and models to meet the development of new technology and future challenges.

Research and Data Analysis

 ‘BETEREM’ has developed a unique database of mortality and casualty data collected from the media and from 25 hospitals across the country. The collected data is catalogued using the MDS code, an international collection code recommended by the World Health Organization. The organization initiated a National Injury Registrar of Children Injuries, which aims to unify and consolidate all child injury data in Israel. The database is the first stage in the establishment of the National Injury Registrar of Children Injuries.

Our leading researchers from the fields of social science prepare and publish studies, articles and policy papers and carry out evaluation studies determining the effectiveness of our programs in the field and other activities. Our research department collaborates closely with scholars, universities and research institutes in Israel and abroad.

Public Awareness

‘BETEREM’ aims to increase public awareness of child safety promotion and Injury prevention. Our expertise is developing knowledge and accessible information to professionals, parents and children of different ages culturally and linguistically adapted to all segments of the population. We promote and spread knowledge through mass media articles and campaigns and social networks, through community programs, through dedicated WhatsApp groups where safety ambassadors (including health and education professionals, volunteers and employees of major firms through corporate responsibility) convey our messages and safety guidelines. Our website provides a great deal of information for parents, policy makers and professionals; it is also possible to obtain customized information on demand by contacting our Safety Expert Hotline and automated information center.

Training and Counseling

Our professional training center holds training and counseling sessions both frontally throughout the country and trough online sessions.  Our highly skilled staff of child safety experts reaches tens of thousands of professionals and parents each year. Based on our unique expertise, over the years we have won several tenders to supply training and mentoring to Health, Education and other government professionals.

Our training programs include:

  1. Safety car seat technicians training course, internationally certified by Safe Kids Worldwide (accredited by the U.S. National Road Safety Authority).
  2. Safety instruction to parents of newborn babies in maternity wards and parents whose children are hospitalized due to accidents
  3. Safety instruction to parents at infant development tracking clinics
  4. Safety programs for young children in day care
  5. Adolescent leadership programs – youth as safety promoters in the community
  6. Safety at work – training teenagers who work after school
  7. Safety promotion and injury prevention courses and counselling sessions to hospital and other public health professional staff.
  8. Safety promotion and injury prevention courses and counselling sessions to Education students and staff.
  9. Specialized safety course necessary for the certification of day care center managers and staff
  10. Lectures on safe parenting available to the general public and employees of major firms as organized by the workplace

Public Policy promotion

‘BETEREM’ believes that every child has the right to grow up safely and that child safety as a whole is a government responsibility. Over the years, BETEREM has created a roadmap for child safety and presented it to the Knesset and government offices. We see great importance in establishing and promoting multi-system programs and infrastructures led by the government in order to achieve our goals, namely promoting a culture of safety and tangible results in injury prevention.  To this end, we cooperate with the government, and assist in providing proven international knowledge and aid in assimilating sustainable processes within the framework and functional responsibility of the various government ministries. Furthermore, we initiate and promote legislation and adoption of regulations, concerning child safety. WE supply information, data and policy papers to decision makers and participate in parliamentary discussions, national committees, and national forums for the promotion of child safety. We are permanent members in various standards committees ensuring safe products and regulations concerning all aspects of life at home and in the public arena ranging from advising necessary safety changes in household items through pointing at necessary investment in safety infrastructure especially in low income high risk communities. 

Development and Implementation of Community Outreach Programs

In order to bring about results environmental change must be coupled with Behavioral changes brought about by providing knowledge and applicable practices to as many communities and families in the country. Adapting effective programs and tools to the various lifestyles, cultures and languages, we have been vigorously working with as many communities as possible favoring scalable programs that can become sustainable and create widespread impact. We put special emphasis on operating within at risk populations. With the support of various government offices, local councils, foundations and donations from business entities and private individuals, we have reached many communities all over the country.