Warm and Safe Home

The Warm and Safe Home

The Warm & Safe Home project identifies the potential benefits of educating adolescents who take care of their younger siblings and are about to marry and start a new family. The average age for marriage among Arab Society, Muslims 21.5 and Christians 24.5, is relatively low compared to the Jewish society average age of 28.5 years. In general, Arab youths begin to consider marriage as early as 17-19 years and marry after the future husband has built their home, usually on his own. A study published in 1989 (Alhaj 1989) found a positive correlation between early marriage and child injury rates in Arab society. Data from other studies also indicate that Arab children are at a higher risk of accidental injury compared to their Jewish peers. This is explained by several parameters, including a higher number of siblings, poor environmental conditions, cultural differences and lower levels of awareness and knowledge among adults.

The project aims to reach the entire community by educating local youth, with the aid of professionals (e.g. engineers, constructors, electricians, etc.) towards creating safer homes for future children. Participants will be educated on child safety issues and thereby instigate a significant change among their relatives and communities. The change will begin in the perception and behavior of the participants and then expand to include their children, families and communities.