Spot the Tot

Spot the Tot in Arab Society


According to the Israeli National Authority for Road Traffic Safety (RSA), in the period 2007-2010, 38 Arab children, the equivalent of 2 school classes and mainly infants, were killed by a motor vehicle backing over them while reversing. Most cases occurred in the children's home surroundings.

The project's approach is based on a strategy of educating parents of infants 0-4 years old with regard to reverse-runover accidents and increasing the general awareness towards the subject. Parents are coached by Arab students and volunteers in small groups in the waiting rooms of local medical clinics, family health centers and community centers in those communities characterized by the RSA as high priority locations.

Students and volunteers undergo a short training program to prepare them to be Child Safety Change Agents and qualify them to coach parents with the use of a structured draft and kit.

In addition to the parents' training program, specific change agents operate in local Kindergartens in front of young infants, by presenting them with Aziz the Teddy Bear, a program developed specifically for small toddlers by Beterem together with the RSA.

Spot the Tot was first implemented in Bedouin communities in southern Israel in 2007. Immediately after the project ended, we witnessed a steep decline in the child mortality rate among those Bedouin communities. In 2006 there were 12 recorded incidents of child death related to reverse runover among Bedouin communities in southern Israel. In 2008 there were 3 child death incidents related to reverse runover.